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From the Director

Summer reading

PHI Report and One Worker's Story
Illuminate Worsening Crisis in Care

By Scott Miyake Geron

The same day I read "Raise the Floor: Quality Nursing Home Care Depends on Quality Jobs," a new report from the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, I also came across "The Cost of Caring," the true story of one immigrant woman and her life as a direct-care provider, in a recent issue of The New Yorker magazine. It was a thought-provoking combination.

The report is the latest from PHI, the policy and advocacy organization, in their ongoing battle to improve long-term care. They work on the national front to create jobs that foster dignity, respect, and independence for those who need care and the frontline workers who provide it. "The Cost of Caring," by Rachel Aviv, addresses the same issues, but in a very different—and profoundly compelling—way. I hope that both selections will have many summer readers.... Read more

Boston University photo of Scott Miyake Geron

Issues and Views

Providing a standardized set of crucial skills

CADER'S Online Care Management Certificate Program
Is Working for AAAs Across the State of New York

By Mary Johnson

When the New York State Office for the Aging and the Association on Aging New York sought proven, standardized online training and certification for case managers in Area Agencies on Aging and member agencies across the state, they turned to CADER and its Care Management Certificate Program. Now, more than 300 of these workers are about to complete the cost-effective, comprehensive program, with 400 more scheduled to be trained and certified in the upcoming year.

"We are thrilled," Greg Olsen (pictured at right), acting director for the New York State Office for the Aging, told The LearningEdge in an interview.... Read more about how this training and certification are succeeding across a large and diverse state and why that matters.

Photo of Greg Olsen courtesy NYSOA

A CADER Online Certificate Program Can Work for Your Agency

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Readers' Question Time

What Are You Reading This Summer?

What are you reading, and why? It's the season when we ask this question of a group from the fields of aging and disability. This year, Anthony Lee, an aging-information specialist, Chaya Gordon, a health-promotion specialist, and Carmelita Tursi, a consultant in diversity and inclusion, found challenge, enjoyment, help, and affirmation in their selections. Here's what they told us.

Photos courtesy Anthony Lee, Chaya Gordon, Carmelita Tursi (left to right)

Notable News and Resources

OK to mock someone with a disability?

Advocacy Organization Takes On Hollywood

"It's never OK to mock someone with a disability" is the message of an ad that ran for five weeks in April and May in The Hollywood Reporter, a major source of news for and about the entertainment industry. The ad was sponsored by the disability advocacy organization Family Member. Family Member is dedicated to dispelling stereotypes about children and adults with disabilities and ensuring that they are portrayed accurately and fairly in entertainment and news media.

This first ad singles out Tropic Thunder, a film in which the term retard is used as part of a joke, but it's clear that Family Member is addressing what it considers to be a longstanding and pervasive situation.... Read more

Medications and the aging brain

New Educational Materials from ACL Partnership Are
Boon for Service Providers and Older Clients

Care managers and other providers of long-term supports and services to older adults and people with disabilities are often the first to see signs of a potential medication problem in a client and are also in an excellent position to educate clients about safe and effective medication use. Now new materials from the Administration for Community Living, created in collaboration with scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health, should prove to be a very useful addition to the providers' armamentarium. The ACL group has developed a three-part set of educational materials about medications and the aging brain geared especially for service providers, clients, and families. Read more about these free resources and how to obtain them.